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English Language Time 2024/'25

We Serve The World. All Day. Every Day.
Sloužíme světu. Po celý den. Každý den.
Vi tjener verden. Hele dagen. Hver dag.
We dienen de wereld. De hele dag. Elke dag.
Me teenime maailma. Kogu päeva. Iga päev.
Palvelemme maailmaa. Koko päivän. Joka päivä.
Nous sommes au service du monde. Toute la journée. Tous les jours.
Wir dienen der Welt. Den ganzen Tag. Jeden Tag.
A világot szolgáljuk. Egész nap. Minden nap.
Kami melayani dunia. Sepanjang hari. Setiap hari.
Serviamo il mondo. Tutto il giorno. Ogni giorno.
Mēs kalpojam pasaulei. Visu dienu. Katru dienu.
Mes tarnaujame pasauliui. Visą dieną. Kiekvieną dieną.
Służymy światu. Przez cały dzień. Każdego dnia.
Servimos o mundo. Todo o dia. Todos os dias.
Noi servim lumea. Toată ziua. În fiecare zi.
Slúžime svetu. Celý deň. Každý deň.
Služimo svetu. Ves dan. Vsak dan.
Servimos al mundo. Todo el día. Todos los días.
Vi tjänar världen. Hela dagen. Varje dag.
Dünyaya hizmet ediyoruz. Bütün gün. Her gün.
Ми служимо світу. Цілий день. Щодня.
Υπηρετούμε τον κόσμο. Όλη την ημέρα. Κάθε μέρα.

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Just log in with YOUR computer or tablet on the given time. Works best with Chromium. And peace.
From anywhere on the globe. Just ask me! +49 (6150) 544.5164 | Fax 544.5169 |
⚠ No meetings in person recommended 11/11–3/3 ⚠
2024-02-05: English for Advanced Students with Ulla (Online; works best with Chromium)
2024-02-05: ⚠ Français avec Carmen René pour Advances, Telekom Alleé 9
2024-02-06: ⚠ Français avec Carmen pour (faux) débutants
2024-11-**: ⚠ Thanksgiving Mass + Dinner!! St. Paul's Cathedral in Darmstadt, Niebergall Way.
2024-11-0*: Movie Night!! Telekom Alley #9 in Darmstadt in Room 1.D.K.07. Admission is free!
2025-03-03: Eurojumelages 65 year anniversary
2025-07-04: Christmas Dinner Independence BBQ with Eileen!!

Nuclear War: There is no winner!!! Never!!! Only endless pain! Hell on Earth! 24/7!

Open to everybody as long as you are more or less human and speak English.


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Wednesdays March–October (when weather conditions allow): 
Mathildenhöhe heights in Darmstadt Boule / Boccia (Free of charge)

MAR 03 - SEP 30 2024: Callanetics: see

The knowledge of foreign languages can convert foes into friends, n'est-ce pas? ¡Pruébalo!

Mr. Hans W. Walther
  • internal Telekom address | T-Online address | address
  • The Telekom mail address gives you an absentee message in English, Spanish, and Chinese until 1/1/'24 but it is being read approx. every ten days until 12/31/'26 at most.
    Or give me a peaceful call:
      FON (DUTY): +49 (0)6151 582 1750  SoftPhone in 2023, and '24.
      FON (PRIV): +49 (0)6150 544 5164  9a - 5p Mon thru Fri except U.S. and German holidays
      FON (CELL): +49 (0)170  340 5676  9a - 6p Mon thru Fri except U.S. and German holidays
      FAX (PCFX): +49 (0)6150 544 5169  24/7

Please register for free via the form or via one of the email addresses in order to enable us to inform you about English Language Time news.

We are looking forward to see you!

The English Language Time runs under the flag of .
Join our Darmstadt Conversation Tables on Mondays and/or Wednesdays.Open to everyone from everywhere.

Monday classes give you a little grammar review and introduces you to 21st century English. We meet every Monday at 5 o'clock pm for 90 minutes. The Monday class did never switch to online classes. Therefore we do not meet between 2020 and 2025.
Mrs. Ulla Nothnagel runs the ONLINE class. Feel free to call her via +49 (0)172 293 7177

Wednesday classes may restart by 2025 or 2026. They are more british.
The Wednesday class is supposed to start on campus in late 2025 or early 2026. No classes in person between 2020 and 2024. We try to find a solution to get into contact with Eileen in small groups. Mrs. Eileen Walther runs the class. Feel free to call her via +49 (0)176 5394 4645

Use one of the applications:
BBB (browser based) / Skype (Application [also available as APP in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play]) / Microsoft Teams / WebEx / Zoom (browser based) required!

events are NOT for free. A fee of 76.- per semester applies. Become a member of and save 24.- per course. An membership is available for just 2.- per month. You must be a member while classes run to be eligible for the discount. Currently memberships are on a yearly basis.

There are French classes as well run by Mme. Carmen René from France.
A (false) beginners takes place on Tuesdays and an advanced class is being offered on Mondays (Lundi).
Feel free to call Mme René via +49 (0)6151 61173 or +49 (0)178 168 1532.
Mme. René speaks French (mother tongue), English, and German.
The official location is the former T-Online building, 9 Telekom Alley in Darmstadt, Wing "D", 6th floor, Room 1. The virtual location is the Telekom headquarter in Bonn: 140 Friedrich Ebert Alley, Bonn, 9th floor, Room 99. Class times announced refer to Central European Time Zone. Please take into account a possible time shift between your local time and class time! It might be early in the morning or late at night for you.

Since I am seven hours behind Bonn in Weimar City (eight hours behind Kyiv), you can reach me between 4pm and 11pm via the phone.

Founded in 1960 Jumelages Européens PTT is now . We are proud of our 64 year long life bringing Europe together and meet and act in peace. This will not end. What we changed is moving the Jumelages Européens PTT - an association of Postal and Telecom members - into an open association of every European as . Be a part of (not apart from) it. Enjoy the Power!

Many, many more activities to come. plans a wide variety of new additional ONLINE Language Classes covering most to all European languages - starting with English, French, Spanish, and Italian, Online Fitness Classes, Outdoor callanetics, Skiing, (Power) Walking, Dancing, and more. Stay tuned.

Exercises and selected articles for Download:

Ebola could have wiped us all
Prince Heinrich XIII tried to overthrow German government in late 2022
As Climate Shocks Multiply, Designers Seek Holy Grail: Disaster-Proof Homes

We stand with Ukraine, Biden says, as long as needed.
Sweden may join NATO|OTAN Erdogan, TR President, promised.
New York City is sinking 1" per decade due to the weight of the buildings.
Ukraine is considered a 'second-class pre-member' of NATO|OTAN between 2023 and 2055.
Europe is considered to be in permanent Russian danger so far. 
Scientists say there is evidence of alien life in vast hidden salty water oceans on Jupiter and Saturn moons.
Astronomers say our Solar system's gravitational force spans 1½ light years into space.
Betelgeuse may have already exploded in the 13th century what we can see between 2030 and 2060.
German citizens are unhappy with the old ancient 'church tax' and want to get rid of it.